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Master 'O' Equity

Masters 'O' Equity Singapore was set up by Jason Ng Y K as a humble home-based sole proprietary business on 1 Nov 2004 in Singapore specialising in US Market Option Trading.

The business was initially set up as a past time in the founder's retirement free time in order to share with the world what gave him his success so far, however, the business exploded in subscribership almost instantly due to the true money making value investors enjoy out of the strategies that Jason developed.

The Star Trading System® that the Founder developed is probably the most objective, accurate and consistent, technical short term trend riding strategy ever existed. It has such elegance and simplicity in execution that it can be masterfully applied by complete amateurs with little money and little time to spare.This has allowed many young traders with very little money to trade, achieve financial freedom all over the world.

Today, on top of teaching the world our success methods, we also put our skills into practise in our multi million dollar hedge fund. The business also supports thousands of investors worldwide in countries like U.S.A, U.K, Dubai, India, Australia and New zealand. A team was also put together in order to improve the business infra-structure so that more investors can enjoy the same benefits that thousands have so far.

Masters 'O' Equity has now moved into a full corporate structure with head office in Singapore and housed in Singapore's prestigious Gateway building. In order to reach out to the world and provide better services to our target markets, we have set up our representative office in New York as well as Shanghai. We are also looking forward to establishing our presence in Surabaya soon. All these goes to prove that success begets success and it is the sincere desire of the founder to share these success secrets with rest of the world.